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Once again Facebook demonstrate their finesse by kicking off a high profile blogger. In this case I agree that it’s not the “kicking off” which is the problem – the naming of this account was quite clearly in contravention of their rules – but rather the heavy handed and abrupt method in which they pulled the plug. No warning – just gone!

In a recent Scoble interview with Mark Zuckerberg he expressed the desire to encourage new applications which are less useless (my words not his!) and more functional. But why would anyone trust their data to a company who can restrict your access to your own data, and kill you off without so much as a sniff!

As it stands I wouldn’t be all that bothered if I wasn’t able to poke someone with a carrot – or throw a wardrobe at them! But if I was using this platform for anything other than total trivia I would be starting to get concerned ….


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