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It’s not often I come across a bit of software which immediately impresses me as much as this little Outlook plugin! It has to be one of the most focused, fast & effective tools I’ve seen in a while. Xobni sits alongside the Outlook sidebar and shows information relevant to the currently selected email.

At a glance it shows previous email conversations with this person – other “connected” people – and perhaps most usefully of all a list of previous related email attachments.

Also some information on number of emails sent & received, ranking – interesting if somewhat useless!, time of day charts etc.

It’s kind of hard to explain so pop over to Xobni and have a look at the demo.

Loads of blogging about it here –

Scoble interviews the founders here –

Possible Yahoo Mail version here –

Microsoft try to buy it here –

I’d love to be able to skin it to get rid of the garish colour scheme – but hey we can’t have it all:)

Effective and unobtrusive – if like many of us you live in Outlook then you should definitely have a look at Xobni.

Comments on: "Xobni – Outlook Plugin to Organise, Collate, Track, Search, Correlate your email" (4)

  1. Excuse me, but little outlook plugin??? In my opinion xobni is huge. And yeah maybe it shows you related email attachements, but you cannot search keywords within attachements. Honestly in the beginning I thought xobni is the search tool for outlook…. until I discovered lookeen which is way better for me.

  2. Thanks for this – I really like it!

  3. Great post, very instructive, thank you

  4. said:

    Really nice pattern and fantastic content, hardly anything else we require😀.

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